Why Study in USA?

Should you study in the US? Why have so many international students chosen to study in the US over another country? Does the US still welcome international student? What are your US study options?

The US hosts more international students than any other country in the world, a number fast approaching 600,000. In fact, international students comprise approximately 4% of the total undergraduate US university and US college population, and 10% for US graduate school. These international students from every continent in the world choose to study in the US because they believe that a US education would afford them the best preparation for their future. They leave homes, families and friends in order to pursue their dreams of an education in the US. In fact, International students who study in the US contribute more than $13 billion to the US economy!

Maybe you have been dreaming of studying in the U.S.A. for a long time, or maybe you have discovered that you need to improve your English in order to continue your studies or career. You may also have discovered that you can best gain expertise in your field at a particular U.S. university. Whatever the reasons, you now hope to come to the U.S.A. to accomplish your goals. You have read about the U.S.A., seen American films and videos and talked to Americans. But only the experience of actually living in the U.S.A. will give you the mastery of the language and sympathy with the culture that is necessary for understanding this large and influential country.

Many foreign students arrive in the U.S.A. with misconceptions about American life. They are pleasantly surprised to find that not all Americans are blond, wealthy or intolerant of others.


U.S. universities may differ from those in your own country in several ways. For one thing, classes are generally small. There may be as few as ten to twenty students in a class. While in class, students are encouraged and expected to contribute to the discussion. Professors meet with students in their offices or even share coffee or meals with them. The close relationship between students and faculty serves to motivate students and fosters a personal approach to the curriculum.

Most U.S. university students live on or near the school campus. When you are studying in the U.S.A., you will have many opportunities to join planned and informal activities, spending your leisure and study hours with other students. This will enhance your language skills. From your fellow students you will learn about U.S. culture and about all the other diverse cultures represented on any U.S. campus.