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Welcome to Dovercourt Education Services

Dovercourt Education Services provides education services in partnership with the top educational institutions in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA. We maintain cordial and professional relations with these institutions to make sure that our students do not have to go through any trouble.

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Our Partners in Canada
What we Offer

Dovercourt Education Service provides:

  1. Online enrollment in all our partner colleges.
  2. Completing applications in all our partner universities.
  3. Student counseling and guidance in selecting various courses offered by our partners.
  4. Visa, accommodation airport pickup and work placement through our networks and channels.

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

The instructions regarding the Student Direct Stream (SDS) for study permit applications have been updated. The following changes have been made:

  • Pakistan has been added to the list of SDS-eligible countries.
  • References to a service standard have been removed.
  • The most recent secondary or post-secondary educational transcript has been added as a required document.
  • The instructions on coding family packs containing an SDS application have been modified.